The paint shop for the Resident Ensemble Players is expanding its over hire call list.  The REP season runs from September to May

Painters will be called to help support projects as needed.  All work is done on the University of Delaware’s Newark campus.  Painters will be scheduled and supervised by the Scenic Charge Artist.  Hours are part time and flexible, generally between M-F 7am-2pm.  Hourly pay rate is based on experience, minimum of $15/hr.  Scene painting experience helpful but not required.


Work Includes:
•      Preparing surfaces to be painted: filling, sanding, cleaning.
•      Base coating and initial steps of paint treatments.
•      Applying scenic treatments, textures and sealants: assigned based on experience.
•      Will spend most of the call time standing or moving around.
•      Will be required to clean tools and buckets as needed.
•      Must follow safe practices of shop including keeping work area clean.

Painter Requirements:
•   Must wear proper paint clothes and no open toed shoes or loose jewelry.
•   Must wear respirators, goggles, gloves, or other personal protection equipment.
•   Physically capable of shifting large objects: large lumber and rolling scenery.
•   Physically capable of lifting approximately 50 lbs. of weight.
•   Must be able to climb and work from stationary A-frame ladders.

Please send contact information to:
Anne Clark, Scenic Charge Artist

Check out http://www.instagram.com/painteranne. Many of the pictures are work from REP scenery!


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