TTS Studios is searching for our next Scenic Artist. The Scenic Artist of TTS Studios is primarily responsible for leading the paint team on all scenic-related projects. The Scenic Artist is responsible for working with the Head of Paint to deliver finished product on or before the deadlines provided by management. The Scenic Artist is also responsible for assisting with non-scenic projects as needed. The Scenic Artist reports directly to the Head of Paint, manages the painters based on jobs, and works in parallel with the painters, carpenters, and fabricators.

Compensation: $29/hour

Conditions: 40 hours of work expected per week; sometimes more, sometimes less.

Paid Time Off: 5 days to be used at the Employee’s discretion; approval required.

Benefits: Healthcare and 401k after 90 days

Job Responsibilities Include, but are not limited to:

– Spearheads all scenic-related projects as the lead painter.

– Engages with the Head of Paint to discuss departmental needs, encompassing labor requirements, additional shop space requests, and equipment requisitions.

– Collaborates with the Head of Paint and fellow painters to evaluate the most effective strategies for project fulfillment.

– Assumes responsibility as the primary sample creator for scenic-related projects.

– Assists in non-scenic projects, contributing expertise in straight painting as necessary.

– Determines optimal materials and practices to achieve the objectives outlined by designers.

– Reviews project documents provided by the Estimator, contributing insights into necessary project components. This includes estimated time and labor needs, material treatment recommendations, product usage suggestions, and product quantity calculations based on process and square footage assessments.

– Engages in various meetings including:

o Designer Kick Off Meetings

o Production Meetings for ALL SCENIC PROJECTS

o Post-Mortem Meetings for ALL PROJECTS, offering feedback and suggesting improvements for future projects.

– Communicates with Project Manager(s) to confirm, provide, or receive project-related information. This includes project scope, timelines, anticipated processes, quality expectations, and all pertinent project-specific details.

– Manages the closure and documentation process for ALL SCENIC PROJECTS, encompassing:

o Documenting the process, including color swatches, step-by-step treatment instructions, and detailed photos of the completed product.

o Providing Touchup Kits containing small quantities of paints used, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for provided products, along with necessary tools like tape, brushes, and rags for client use in post-installation touch-ups.

o Documenting Safety Certificates, including Certificates of Flame Proofing (when applicable) and maintaining records of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all paint-related products utilized in the shop or provided to clients within touchup kits.


– A high school diploma or equivalent

– Demonstrated experience in scenic painting or a similar role within the entertainment, theater, or scenic design industry.

– Proven track record as a lead painter on various projects.


– A degree or certification in Fine Arts, Scenic Painting, Theater Production, or a related field

About TTS Studios

Located in Charleston, SC, TTS Studios is a custom, creative fabrication and installation company that specializes in Touring Theatrical Scenery, Experiential Marketing Design and Production, Art Installations, and Custom Furniture and Millwork. The broad spectrum of work that we perform creates an exciting workspace that welcomes people from all walks of the building arts industry. TTS Studios is a Union shop and is proud to service the artistic communities around the country as well as at home.