JOB SUMMARY: Our Facilities Scenic Painters provide comprehensive scenic painting services across our resort which is instrumental in maintaining and expanding the visual portion of the guest experience at Universal Orlando Resorts.


  • Gathers and prepares necessary information, tools and items needed to complete assigned painting task.
  • Painted Faux Finishes such as wood graining, marbleizing, aging, sponging and rag rolling.
  • Field color Matching. Picks colors and mixes paint while using color matching for desired assignment. Creates, maintains and uses painting documentation.
  • Drawing, layout and painting of backdrops and murals with either brush or airbrush.
  • Paint or airbrush of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional fields and props.
  • Preps surface to be painted. Consists of cleaning, scraping, caulking, applying putty, sanding, patching, priming, and base painting (brush and roll) of surfaces.
  • Cleans up paint area. Consists of picking up used tarps, scraping, removing tape, cleaning bushes used, cleaning spills, resealing paint cans, and cleaning paint buckets. Then stores equipment/tools in designated storage area.

EDUCATION: High school degree or GED is required; Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree: P-Visual Arts, specializing in painting, drawing, or sculpture is preferred.

EXPERIENCE: Three years minimum experience considered 1st Tier. 5 years minimum experience considered 2nd Tier; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

CERTIFICATIONS, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Valid Florida Drivers License/ required to operate company vehicles.

Your talent, skills and experience will be rewarded with a competitive compensation package.