Bridgewater Studio Inc is a Fabrication Studio with a fantastic culture, highly skilled team and an extremely high client satisfaction rate. Our products are detailed and resilient, even with critical deadlines.

We are looking to expand our finishing department with a finisher who is able to adapt on the fly.

Common Tasks:
• Patch work on damaged items or for prepping substrates
• Spray Polyurea on carved eps foam
• Careful, detailed sanding by hand or pneumatic, often to a 600 grit finish
• Prime substrates (sprayed water based and/or urethane)
• Sprayed top coat finish with minimal to zero flaws without the need of buffing – Training Necessary regardless of experience
• Mix and color match coatings to swatches (Pantone, Sherwin Williams, MPC)
• Powder Coating – Training Necessary regardless of experience
• Casting and molding with silicone and resins

• Strong eye and attention to detail and problem solving
• Dedication to craftsmanship and detail
• Willingness to learn new skills as needed
• Wide range of material knowledge in various disciplines, including water-borne paint, urethane paints including sign paint/automotives and their respective solvents, foam coating materials, silicone, resin, dyes
• Knowledge of safe practices and proper use of materials and personal protection equipment
• Ability to work cooperatively and autonomously
• Critical thinking and organized work flow, allowing for efficiency and minimal error

Bonus Qualifications:
• Experience spraying urethane finishes with HVLP systems
• Strong knowledge of chemistry and adhesion within and between substrates (EPS foam, MDF, polyurethanes, acrylic, sintra, steel, aluminum) and coating materials (Matthew Paint Company surfacers, primers, and top coats, polyurea, powder coatings, specialty pigments and mica powders, wood stains, cleaning solutions and solvents)
• Experience with any medium of craft or artistry (Ex. scenic painting, mural work, automotive painting, carving, restoration)
• Flexible schedule
• Past experience in scenic or trade show fabrication
• Valid driver’s license and access to car

Pay: $18-25/hour. Contact Eric Cup, President, to apply.