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A Finisher is responsible to the Finishing Department Manager (FDM) as it relates to all painting and scenic treatments for a diverse range of ongoing jobs. The ability to create and replicate scenic painting techniques and surface treatments (including but not limited to translucencies, carving, texturing, aging, distressing, marbling and wood graining) is critical to this role. As part of the One Hat One Hand team, a finisher must demonstrate an excellent work ethic including attention to detail, time management, workflow management, self-motivation, and interpersonal communication skills; ability to collaborate and work as part of a team; flexible schedule, including weekends and evenings as necessary.


Position in Organization:

Reports To: Finishing Department Manager
Budget Responsibilities: Time Tracking per project via Tsheets. Receipt tracking-noting Job Number on job-separated receipts; collecting receipts in safe folder;  helping input receipts EOD in Expense Sheet when needed.

Primary Responsibilities:

Perform quality painting of scenic elements, meeting One Hat One Hand’s standards
Reviewing job packets and following up with questions, looking ahead for problems
Produce samples as needed
Manage own time and execute any job to meet its given deadline.
Maintaining an orderly paint shop
Expand One Hat One Hand’s capabilities through research of new products and techniques
A positive attitude, sense of humor, and a cool head under pressure. Consideration of team morale for when improvisation and over-time is needed.
Confirm approval of final product and make adjustments based on FDM and Project Manager feedback
Ensure completed projects are protected and packed properly for a successful delivery and installation
Keeping and organizing finishing kit per each project
Lending help to other departments as needed

Essential Skills and Experience:

Experience with a variety of styles and techniques of painting and finishing
Color mixing, layout, and faux treatment skills
Interpret designers’ paint elevations and develop them into full-scale scenic treatments
Ability to organize and maintain inventory of painting supplies and tools
Be comfortable working at heights on ladders and personnel lifts
Excellent time management skills
Ability to work with an active production team
Excellent problem solving abilities
Clear, correct, and effective communication using the English language
Knowledge of cure times for all products used and ability to handle many jobs in an active work environment.
Knowledge of HVLP and airless spray equipment.
Knowledge of different paint products – shellac vs. oil vs. waterborne etc.
Knowledge of different solvents and when to use them – mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, acetone, etc.
Ability to prep a multitude of substrates – wood, metal, plastic, foam.
Basic knowledge of rolling paint, brushing, and cleaning.
All finishers must have a basic finishing kit for onsite work. See Equipment Requirements
Knowledge of proper clean up and disposal of paint materials. Hazard waste /oil soaked rags/ spill cleanup
A valid and current driver’s license


Ability to lift 25-50 pounds to carry equipment and supplies as needed
Indoor warehouse environment with moderate noise
Understands the responsibility of protecting oneself and crew from hazardous/toxic materials by using safety equipment such as skin, eye, hearing and breathing protection.