A new Scenic Fabrication Company located here in Central Florida is looking to hire a couple of experienced Scenic/Base painters. The successful candidate should be well-versed or at least have a basic knowledge of the following aspects of scenic production for example: High-performance Base-painting; Prepping; Color mixing; Façade painting; Sculpting; bodywork; Graphics; Signage; Murals; rock work.
We’re an energetic team of creatives who value innovation, forward-thinking design and a work environment that promotes cooperative effort. If you enjoy working in a high-energy atmosphere with some of the top talent in the Scenic Industry, we’d love to interview you.
Lead Scenic responsibility:
As team leader it will also be your responsibility to maintain a healthy line of communication between the senior art director and your team.
When on a job site it will be your responsibility to make sure that the site is well-kept according to clients/company guidelines and regulations.
As team leader it will be your responsibility to administrate the proper usage and maintenance of all company equipment to your team. It will also be your responsibility to make sure that once equipment is checked out it is also cleaned and returned by said scenic under your supervision before end of shift.
The team leader will be responsible for making sure that company supplies are used only to complete company projects.
It is also your responsibility to make sure that the scenics under your supervision maintain Artistic consistency throughout all project.
Execute Scenic project within the project time allotted.
Must have reliable source of transportation.
Lead Scenic skills:
8+ years as a professional Scenic Artist
4+ years’ experience in supervisory role
Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts is accepted, however, not required
Must display strong communication skills while working in a team oriented Environments
Ability to work extremely well under pressure
Ability to work overtime when necessary to complete time-sensitive projects
Must be able to operate High Reach equipment ranging from scissor lift to 40 – 80 feet High Reach (must show proof of certification)