Paint Department Supervisor

Manages paint shop material inventory (paint, equipment, plaster, etc) in preparation for all paint shop activities
Monitors tools and equipment
Complies with company procedures and WorkSafe BC regulations to ensure the paint department and surrounding work areas are operated in a safe and efficient manner

Lead Finishing Painter

Oversees the preparation, painting, and installation of specified projects, in cooperation with Project Managers and Project Coordinators
Works with Project Managers and Project Coordinators to analyze designs and/or projects in preparation for painting, within pre-approved budgets and schedules
Analyzes project plans, renderings, and designs with the ability to estimate time and materials required, in cooperation with Project Managers and Project Coordinators
Prepares paint samples and drawings to prepare for project execution
Maintains clear communication with Project Managers and Project Coordinators regarding the building, materials, and schedule; adjusts to changing priorities with a flexible and positive approach
In cooperation with Project Managers, Project Coordinators, and other lead staff, assists in the assignment of paint department personnel to specified projects
Paints approved designs and projects, and supervises other shop personnel in the painting of designs and projects according to client expectations and timelines
Supervises paint shop personnel in the execution of project elements according to defined expectations and timelines
Ensures that project details are recorded and collected, including personnel labour hours, materials inventory, and rental equipment
Maintains working knowledge of materials and products used in scenic painting and custom paint treatments; researches any new or unique products to ensure they meet project and operational needs
Installs completed designs and paint requirements at off-site locations when assigned by Project Managers and Project Coordinators, and supervises personnel assisting in this activity
Attends meetings and engages in discussions about project needs and deliverables; communicates expectations to staff working in the paint department
Organizes & supervises the paint department and work areas before and after project execution, including cleaning up and storing tools and equipment, scraping, removing tape, cleaning brushes, resealing paint cans and cleaning paint buckets

Industrial Finishes Painter

Prepares materials for industrial and cabinet grade finishing
Applies industrial finishes according to design specifications
Maintains spray equipment and spray booth for company and project use
is familiar with industry standards for industrial and/or millwork finishing: e.g. sign painting, millwork finishing, metal finishes

Experience as a Scenic Painter is an asset, but not a requirement

Paints faux and specialty finishes such as wood-graining, marbling, aging, sponging, rag rolling
Matches colours and mixes paints using colour matching for specific projects
Draws layouts, transfers designs, and paints onto backdrops and murals with a brush or airbrush
Uses painting and airbrushing to finish two-dimensional and three-dimensional fields and props
Prepares surfaces to be painted, using such techniques as scraping, caulking, sanding, patching, priming, and base painting (brush and roll) on various surfaces

About GNW Scene Shop

Elia Kirby Productions Ltd (EKP Ltd.) does business as the Great Northern Way Scene Shop (GNW) and is an artistic services and fabrication company that builds custom sets, installations, and displays. With a diverse client-base that includes everyone from large institutions (e.g. Vancouver Art Gallery) to small nonprofits (e.g. Pacific Theatre) to corporate companies (e.g. TED Talks, Moment Factory, MEC), GNW operates year-round to produce an array of scenic projects. Located at the western edge of the False Creek Flats and within the Arts Factory building, the GNW Scene Shop is dedicated to supporting Metro  Vancouver's cultural community while providing employment to local artisans and craftspeople.