The role of Finish Department Manager is to serve as both lead scenic artist and direct and supervise the Finish Department staff. As lead scenic artist, it will be necessary to have significant experience painting diverse finishes in a variety of media with several toolsets upon various substrates. The qualified candidate will be able to specify appropriate materials/workflows and direct department staff to achieve the expected level of quality and durability as specified by clients via account executives.
Desirable scenic painting skill sets include, but are not limited to:
• Use of spray equipment. (HVLP, airless, airbrush)
• Faux-finish techniques (woodgrain, stone, concrete, brick, metal, ageing, spatter, rag and sponge finishes)
• Mix and match colors
• Texture applications
• Wood staining and finishing
• Automotive/urethane type paint application (single-stage and base-clear)
• Surfacing (patch, seal, prime and sand)
• Clear-coat applications (polyurethane, lacquer, etc.)
• Match existing color and design novel finishes
The Finish Department Manager’s role also includes all the responsibilities typically associated with management.
• Supervise paint staff (hire, terminate, reward, correct & determine pay for staff in accordance with company policy)
• Work cooperatively with department heads, account executives, project coordinators, and other members of management to achieve desired results
• Knowledge of computer programs (Microsoft office required) and ability to type on a keyboard to create purchase orders required.
• Purchase/maintain/specify paint materials and equipment
• Monitor quality of incoming and outgoing set elements
• Develop talent, assess strengths and weaknesses in order to assign work accordingly.
• Enforce company policy to ensure a safe and healthy work environment
• Maintain records, provide documentation and preform research
• Be accountable
A qualified candidate will have received appropriate education as a painter/scenic artist, worked in the field professionally for three (3) years and achieved considerable mastery of the medium while possessing the necessary organization and communication skills necessary to be a successful department manager. One (1) year of management is preferred.