·         Sculpting of props and characters using EPS foam and other sculpting materials

·         Researching of items before sculpting via computer research and/or mock-ups and reference material provided by Art Director and/or Production Supervisor

·         Follow chain of command for all approvals of design

·         Creative skills

·         Structural and facade fabrication skills

·         Ability to cut materials using hand saws, table saw, band saw, chop saw, etc.

·         Experience in assembling using a variety of fastening methods including screws, nails, staples and glue.

·         Experienced in Bondo, puttying, sanding, drilling, and shaping with hand and power tools, finishing, etc.

·         Able to read and understand shop drawings, a plus

·         Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently or as a team member and communicate methods and ideas accordingly

·         Able to lift props and load truck on shipping days

·         Good math skills, a plus.

·         General shop and tool experience

·         Maintain sculpt shop inventory and cleanliness

·         Knowledge of fork-lift, a plus. Will train.

·         Able and willing to travel for installations, as needed. Experience, a plus.

·         Maintain accurate time entries in time management system and material usage sheets



·         A valid Florida Driver’s License

·         Must be able to read and understand English

·         This is a full-time position. Attendance is a must.

·         Knowledge needed to create elements

·         Must be willing to learn new skills

·         Must be able and willing to work overtime, if needed

·         Highschool diploma/GED required.

About Wacky World Studios

We are a creative thematic design studio located in Oldsmar Florida. Our work can be found throughout the US, Canada and abroad in churches, hospitals, museums, dental offices, schools, restaurants, private residences and more. We are currently looking for a skilled Scenic Sculptor to work with various materials to create props and facades as directed by Scenic Production Manager and Project Creators for our kid-friendly environments. Prior scenic sculpting experience a plus.