The Scenic Artist paints, textures, and finishes theatrical scenery and props while serving to oversee the paint team. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated individual who can work both independently and with-in a team. The candidate must be goal and process oriented who thrives in a multi-project environment.

This position is temporary and intended to cover the temporary absence of our full time Charge Scenic Artist.

Essential Responsibilities

Communicates with designers to plan and realize paints and textures for theatrical sets and props.
Paints and textures all scenery and, in conjunction with prop department, necessary props.
Maintains stock and mixes paint needed for scenery and props for productions.
Works with the Technical Director and Scene Shop Manager to budget the paint departments material and labor resources for productions.
Works with Technical Director to plan and carry out paint schedule during the build process.
Works with the Scene Shop Manager to maintain deep overhire pools and two full-time-seasonal hourly employees.
Communicates all purchases and expenditures to the Technical Director in a timely fashion.
Works with the Prop Master to coordinate paint schedules with the props department.
Participates in all load-ins and strikes, as well as supporting technical rehearsals as needed.
Repaints scenery onstage as needed.
Prepares touch-up kit and instructs stage crew on scenery touch-up.
Maintains paint shop in an orderly and safe manner.
Hires, schedules, and supervises one staff painter and additional painters as needed.
Attends technical rehearsals to take note of painting to be completed or modified.
Skills and Knowledge

Ability to use drawing, plastering, painting and sculpting tools, air and pump sprayers, ladders, scaffolding, and lift systems.
Good communication and interpersonal skills.
Good knowledge of paint color mixing theories and practices, and an ability to closely match colors and paint.
Ability to independently translate designer’s renderings, notes and color elevations into full scale painted scenery.
Advanced knowledge of scenic painting techniques, layout and paint application skills, and color mixing.
The ability to plan, organize, and prioritize tasks and work spaces.
Able to face challenges and problem solve with a positive and imaginative mind-set.
Advanced computer usage skills.
Exhibits a positive attitude with good communication and interpersonal skills.
Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

Ability to climb ladders, scaffolding, and to operate Genie lifts.
Ability to continue working under challenging spatial conditions, lifting, reaching, climbing.
Ability to maneuver awkward scenic objects and various painting equipment and tools.
Ability to lift and move 50 lbs.
Able to work well independently and as part of a team, and to deadlines.
Must be comfortable working in an environment in which directions and priorities can change rapidly.
Salary and Timeline

This is an interim position intended to cover the temporary absence of our full time Charge Scenic Artist
This position is $20/hr non-exempt
This position is currently expected to be a 13-week position beginning Monday, July 3rd and ending Friday, September 22nd.

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