We have an opening for a full time Scenic Artist who thrives in a shop that’s fast-paced, but relaxed; professional, but family casual; and creative, always creative. Interested? Don’t wait! Contact Chad.Engleman@ScenicSolutions.com.

About Scenic Solutions, LLC

Whatever the size of your stage, Scenic Solutions can help you bring vision to reality. We believe in making the improbable possible and breathing life into the designs of your dreams. Whether you are a cruise line demanding scenery that will withstand the rigors of the high sea, a touring company requiring sets that travel well or a company looking to set the stage for a corporate event, Scenic Solutions provides all the services you need to capture attention and leave your audience breathless.

Scenic Solutions offers well-built, quality scenery specifically engineered to maximize your budget. We strive to build beautiful environments that are safe, durable and accurate to design specifications.

Our staff has traveled worldwide and is proficient in the specifics of touring, maritime installations and corporate events.